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How Often Should You Get a Chimney Sweep?

When you use the fireplace regularly, it starts making the chimney dirty with ash, soot, and other tiny particles from fires. Dirty chimneys halt harmful gasses from evacuating your house and even provoke chimney fires occasionally.

That is why you should have a chimney sweep at least once a year. So you may be worried about who to hire and will be asking yourself ‘which is the best chimney sweep near me’.

No need to go far when you need a chimney cleaning service near you. Yes, Mr. Pro Services is there to help you out with wood fireplace cleaning and any other type of fireplace and chimney cleaning.

We have experienced technicians that will inspect your chimney from top to bottom and sweep it all around so that you can use your fireplace safely.

 Besides a chimney sweep, we offer services of chimney repair,
chimney cap, chimney chase, chimney crown, and overall chimney services.

We repair and restore fireplaces so that they keep working flawlessly. Moreover, if you are
troubled by an animal in your chimney, we’ll help you remove it quickly so that you can use your fireplace again.

Just reach out to Mr. Pro Services at (720) 740-0070 with any chimney related question and we will make sure to guide you through the process.

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