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The chimney sweep is an important part of fireplace maintenance.

Creosote will deposit on the brick lining of the fireplace over time from burning wood. In addition, will also coat the inside of your chimney, restricting airflow and increasing the risk for a fire in your home. To prevent this kind of scenario, you should get chimney sweeps at least once a year.

At Mr. Pro Services we are certified to perform chimney sweeps, as well as chimney repair, chimney inspection, and chimney caps among other services.

Although it may be tempting to do it yourself, we recommend leaving this job to a professional so that you can be sure your chimney sweep is done properly and safe for use year-round.

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Before & after a chimney sweep in Denver performed on a chimney flue

Chimney sweeps are really important when it comes to keeping your fireplace in tip-top shape. Our technicians work every day performing a chimney inspection and chimney sweep, making sure that they are cleaning out all of the dust and soot that has accumulated in your chimney over the years.

Fireplace cleaning is a job performed by Mr. Pro Services. Many times this service is also referred to as chimney sweep and flue cleaning. The process of chimney sweeps involves vacuuming all the creosote out of the chimney flue | fireplace flue | stove flue and maintaining the overall condition of the chimney.

A double flue chimney after a chimney sweep inspection and a quote for chimney repair in LOCATION

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Denver, Colorado, is a vibrant and active city, located at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This stunning city is renowned for its award-winning dining and unparalleled views, as well as its 300 days of sunshine each year.
Founded by General William Larimar as Denver City in November 1858, Denver is now the 19th most populous city in the United States, sprawling over six counties and 3497 square miles.

Denver is a consolidated city-county located at the junction of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek and is the state capital and largest city in Colorado.
With its diverse culture and exciting attractions, it’s no wonder why Denver has become one of America’s fastest-growing cities.