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Chimney Repair & Inspection

Quality Comes First.

If you are looking for a reliable company that you can trust for all of your chimney repair & chimney inspection needs, you got to the right place. 

Mr. Pro Services provides a wide range of chimney repairs and fireplace repairs services. Besides chimney sweep, we also offer chimney cap installation, chimney inspection, fireplace flue cleaning,  and more…



Locally owned, licensed, and insured chimney repair and fireplace repair company. We specialize in providing quality services for your home that are efficient, affordable, and long-lasting.

Whether you are looking for chimney repairs or chimney inspection, we provide the best solutions. We take pride in our customer service and satisfaction.

Chimney Repair Prevents

Our Service

A proper chimney inspection can be the difference between a chimney repair disaster and a great season. For instance, caps protect the flue from falling debris, animals, rain, snow and wind while keeping out intruders that can cause fires in your home or fireplace.

Mr. Pro Services is a leader in the chimney repairs and fireplace cleaning industry. We offer professional chimney repairs and fireplace flue cleaning for customers that want to make sure their fireplace or wood-burning stove is operating at peak efficiency.

We are dedicated to providing you with honesty and integrity from start to finish; this means when we take on a project it is fully completed by experienced chimney professionals who have extensive knowledge about chimney repairs and fireplace repairs as well as fireplace maintenance.

A double flue chimney after a chimney sweep inspection and a quote for chimney repair in LOCATION

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